Luminary author and children’s advocate Jonathan Kozol endorsed City Councilor Tito Jackson for Mayor today. In a heartfelt statement, Kozol called Tito Jackson “one of the most decent and most forceful and far-sighted civic leaders in our city’s often-troubled history.”

Mr. Kozol is best known for his award-winning books Death at an Early Age (1967); Illiterate America (1986); Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America (1988); and Savage Inequalities(1991).

“Tito Jackson is the mayor we need to bring together one of the most painfully divided cities in the nation. It can’t be done by promises and repeated healing rituals. It’s going to take urgency. It’s going to take visionary leadership, and Tito Jackson is the one who has it.“

— Jonathan Kozol

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