The Collective PAC is a political action committee founded by Quentin and Stefanie Brown James to recruit, train, and fund progressive black candidates. Collective PAC Founder Quentin James said, “the Elections taking place this year and in 2018 represent transformational opportunities for our nation and the Black community.”  Launched in 2017, the Collective PAC has helped 18 candidates win primary and/or general elections at all levels of government, including Senator Kamala Harris, U.S. Representative Val Demings, Lisa Blunt Rochester and Don McEachin, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson, et al.

“Collective PAC is enthusiastically endorsing Tito Jackson for Mayor of Boston. Communities of color in Boston — similar to so many cities in the United States — are underrepresented in municipal leadership. Tito’s vision for a better Boston will unite the City and ensure it is a beacon of prosperity for all people, not just the well-connected and elite. Boston has never had a Black mayor, and we hope to help make Tito Jackson the first.” — Collective PAC Founder Quentin James