We must support the City’s incredible artists, musicians, and creatives locally while promoting Boston as an international destination for the arts and culture. Currently we invest significantly less than other comparable cities in the arts. Municipal government must fund, collaborate with, and lift up our many talented artists and cultural institutions, especially small- and mid-sized organizations.


We will:

Pledge to double arts spending. Pursue dedicated funding stream for immediate increase of investment in the arts.

Remove creative infrastructure obstacles. Restaurants should not have to pay for a live music permit and also a separate permit for dancing. We will extend open hours of bars and nightclubs, and advocate to the Commonwealth to reinstate late night MBTA service.

Invest in arts education for youth of all ages. Boston has made great strides in K-8 arts education. Now is the time to expand opportunities for all youth, including high school students, both in school and during out-of-school time.

Development art and culture strategy plan. Our people centered planning department will engage and work with developers so conference rooms and lobby spaces are made available to artists after work hours for rehearsal, and local artists are featured in new developments. Our neighborhood stabilization plans will seek to include artist housing and studio space across the city.

Create Partnerships through our new Procurement Office. Universities and institutions will be paired with artists and/or creative non-profits for collaboration.