Education is what lifts each of us up. A strong public school system is the foundation for building healthy neighborhoods with active citizens, contributing workers, and justice-seeking Bostonians. Our city can’t succeed if Boston Public Schools isn’t succeeding for every student. Every young Bostonian deserves an outstanding education, no matter his or her lottery number or neighborhood.


We will:

Fully fund the Boston Public Schools.  We will ensure that basic services (currently not available in every BPS school) are funded and considered essential. This includes making high-quality arts education, a K-12 computer science curriculum, school nurses, guidance counselors, and wraparound services available in each school.

Create an Office of Educational Services (OES). OES will be a transparent service-based entity to support BPS, Parochial, and Charter school families with operational issues, waitlist management, and transportation and building safety issues. OES, a branch of the Mayor’s office and independent of BPS, will be supported by BPS311, an easy-to-use mechanism to facilitate confidential reporting of unsafe conditions in our schools.

Schools as community hubs. Looking at schools as hubs for our communities, we will reimagine their role, widening the opportunities for all residents to use school facilities after school for job and vocational training, language instruction, community building, and for social and personal services. Using community schools and community centers, parents/guardians will be able to register for BPS in every neighborhood, making signing up for school convenient for all families.

Offer incentives for National Board Certified Teachers to teach at turnaround schools. Our highest-qualified teachers are needed to jump-start schools that need the most help.

End Pre-K and Kindergarten suspensions and expulsions. Expulsions leave young children without access to the valuable interventions and supports they need.

Give every High School student a free MBTA pass. If you can’t afford to get to school, you won’t be able to learn. The city must administer the MBTA pass program to ensure proper implementation, and passes should be easy for students to obtain.