Small businesses are the lifeline to any successful city. We know that 65% of new jobs are created by small businesses. We won’t achieve our employment goals without supporting local business owners. The City of Boston should be proactive to ensure small businesses thrive and are an integral part of our community.


We will:

Increase the Minimum Wage to at Least $15/hour. No one can survive on poverty wages.

Create an Anchor Institution Procurement Office. This office will support local colleges, universities, and hospitals to increase hiring of Boston residents, women and people of color, and the procurement of Boston based small, especially minority- and female-owned, businesses.

Require Stricter Adherence to the Boston Residents Jobs Policy. Compliance with this Policy will increase access to construction jobs for women and people of color.

Implement forward-thinking Vocational Technical Education. We will create a skills partnership to put curriculum and training in lockstep with workforce needs, including in our thriving technology sector. This would include targeted core training and access to internships and apprenticeships. Evening certificate classes would be available for adult learners.

Create 5,000 Youth Summer and 1,000 Year-Round Jobs. We know working youth have improved social skills, are able to practice conflict resolution, and can better regulate the behavioral skills that lead to success as adults.

Offer specialized training for small contractors. We will increase access to construction projects for the small businesses that help our city to prosper.   

Support “pop-up” shops for Entrepreneurs at the earliest stages.  There are many vacant storefronts in Boston. Pop-ups will support small business entrepreneurs that don’t yet have the means for long-term leases, and strengthen our communities.