My father, Herb, founded one of the first recycling companies in Massachusetts. He recognized the importance of recycling in lieu of landfills and helped make Boston a cleaner place for me to grow up. It’s our duty to our future generations to take care of Boston’s environment. As both a port city and an incubator of cutting-edge science, Boston should be leading the way in fighting the impact of climate change.


We will:

Implement Plastic Bag Ban. Plastic bags litter our streets, trees, and waterways, do not degrade, and are made from non-renewable sources. As Mayor, I would sign this important initiative.

Implement Community Choice Energy. Increasing our purchasing of renewable energy is a vital first step toward reducing our carbon footprint. As Mayor, I would sign this important initiative.

Create an Energy Infrastructure Plan. As we move away from reliance on fossil fuels, we must prepare the grid to hold more energy.

Increase the Capital Budget for Vision Zero. We will fast-track the creation of separated bike lanes in order to provide safe and comfortable means of biking for Boston residents, commuters, and tourists.

Create a Strategic Transportation Plan. A comprehensive plan supported by a new Transit Planning position at City Hall will integrate smart, environmentally sound transit planning with our city’s people-centered development.

Pursue Bus Rapid Transit with bus signal priority and dedicated bus lanes in order to get more cars off the road and reduce traffic during rush hour.

Encourage Walking at All Ages. We will increase pedestrian crossing times, re-engineer crosswalk placement, install benches at regular intervals, and work with BPS to prioritize safe routes to schools.