Boston City Councillor and Mayoral Candidate Tito Jackson is the son of Herb and Rosa Jackson, two beloved community activists, and still lives in the Boston house in which he grew up. Councillor Jackson has served as since 2011 as the District 7 Boston City Councillor, and is one of two finalists running to be Boston’s next Mayor.

Councillor Jackson currently Chairs the Boston City Council’s Committee on Education, and the Special Committee on the Status of Black and Latino Men and Boys. He is the Vice Chair of the Committee on Healthy Women, Families, Communities.

A strong advocate for the working and middle class, Councillor Jackson joined the community to help lead the fight for more housing that is affordable, in 2016 successfully helped defeat Massachusetts Ballot Question 2 and win Question 4, and in 2015 joined Massachusetts residents in helping stop the Boston Olympics and Boston IndyCar.

Councilor Jackson spent more than 10 years in the healthcare and technology sectors.  He served as the Industry Director for Information Technology under Governor Deval Patrick, and then as Governor Patrick’s Political Director, helped the Governor win re-election in 2010. He received a BA in history from the University of New Hampshire.

Councillor Jackson remains committed to the community that raised him. Councillor Jackson has been recently honored by awards by the NAACP New England Conference, and the 2017 Friend of Education Award from the Massachusetts Teachers Association. The Councillor was also named among one of The Root’s 100 most influential African Americans of 2017.

The Councillor is an active leader in youth development programs such as Citizen Schools and Anytown/The Leadership Initiative, and sits on the board of multiple organizations, including Heading Home, Global Citizens Circle, and the Boston Ballet.

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