Mayoral Candidate Tito Jackson’s Budget Supports Our Children, Tackles Gentrification, Makes Us All Safer, And Addresses Inequity – An Executive Summary

This Budget funds my Policy Solutions for a Boston that works for us all

A First In The History Of Boston

  1. For the first time in the history of Boston that we are aware of, a Mayoral Candidate has released a budget during a Mayoral campaign to accompany their Policy Solutions. That Mayoral Candidate is Councillor Tito Jackson.
  2. The Tito Jackson People’s Budget for Boston level funds the existing budget while also funding priorities Councillor Jackson has outlined in his policy platform.

A Budget That Uplifts People, Not The Powerful

“A budget is a value statement,” Councillor Tito Jackson reminds us. “Where we choose to put your money shows the world what we value.”

The Tito Jackson People’s Budget for Boston is his FY19 Budget for Boston. It is firmly rooted in the principle that the present residents of Boston come first and foremost.

This unprecedented budget uplifts our children, helps people address the astronomical cost of housing, tackles the root causes of economic inequity, makes our communities safer, promotes Boston as a safe place for pedestrian and cyclist, and allows our artistic communities to blossom.

Budget Methodology Based On Prudent Forecasting
Tito Jackson People’s Budget for Boston builds a prudent, fiscally conservative budget using historical revenue data, together with funding sources available to the City but ignored by the Walsh administration. This budget is focused on the needs of Boston’s residents, and funds the policy priorities Councillor Jackson has outlined in his policy platform.

The Revenue and Expenditure Projections are here.

The Boston Budget is divided into three sections: the Schools Budget, the Operating Budget (excluding Schools expenditure), and the Capital Budget. Below are highlights for each budget.

The Tito Jackson People’s Budget For Boston

Schools Budget Highlights:

  • Families Must Have Quality School Choices In Every Neighborhood:
    Additional $45.1M directly to schools and not Central Office (total schools increase of $47M including free MBTA T passes – see below)

    • It helps our principals, teachers, students, and families finally take the steps needed to close the achievement gap, a gap that has widened under the present mayoral administration.
    • It helps our schools restore the cuts made to our art, music, science, and social studies curriculums by directly funding schools rather than funding new Central Office programs. Every student in every neighborhood deserves a quality education.
    • This budget restores the cuts made over the past four years to autism and trauma funding.

  • A Free MBTA T-Pass For Every High School Student: Additional $1.9M
    Provides $6M in total (an additional $1.9M) to enable every high school student in Boston to receive a free MBTA 7-day pass, dramatically boosting school attendance, and graduation rates. Too many students forego school because they simply can’t get to school safely because their families cannot afford the cost of T-Passes.

Operating Budget Highlights:

  • 5,000 Summer Youth Jobs and 1,000 Year Round Youth Jobs: $10M
    This budget tackles Youth Violence and Promotes Youth Economic Opportunity by providing 5,000 summer youth jobs and 1,000 year round youth jobs.

  • Tackling Violence Through An Innovative Youth Engagement Office: $2.5M
    Implementing the Richmond, CA Violence Prevention Plan is a priority for a Jackson Administration, and is a successful, proven, evidence based solution to address the most entrenched members of our communities who are trapped in cycles of violence. Investing $2.5M into a new Youth Engagement Office will provide our communities the safety they crave and that the present administration has failed to provide.

    NOTE: Even before the Mayoral election, Councillor Tito Jackson not only has a plan to address youth violence and the high rates of unemployment among our youth, he has a budget to fund that plan.

  • Housing vouchers for Housing First Program will house 400 at-risk families: $5M
    This budget implements the Housing First Voucher Program that will help house 400 families who are in imminent need of housing assistance, particularly in the face of the gentrification crisis that has been made worse by the present administration’s push to build mostly luxury housing.

  • Tackling Racial, Gender, and Class Inequality Through A Disparity Study: $2M
    A Disparity Study is the mechanism a municipal government uses to measure disparities, and so allows them the framework to put policies in place to alleviate those inequalities. Boston’s racial, gender, and class disparities are stark, and we are one of the most segregated cities in the nation. A Disparity Study will be a vital tool to address such inequality. The present mayor promised to do a Disparity Study four years ago, but has completely failed to follow through. Councillor Jackson by contrast not only promises to conduct a Disparity Study, his People’s Budget for Boston funds it in his first budget.

  • Doubles the Arts Budget: An additional $1.3M
    Boston is a nationally renowned center of art and culture, but Boston’s mayor fails to adequately support art and culture. Respecting the wishes of our arts community during the many dialogues Councillor Jackson has had with them, the Tito Jackson People’s Budget doubles the city’s arts budget.

  • Strengthening Communities By Strengthening Boston Center For Youth And Families: Additional $1M
    The Boston Centers for Youth and Families is an important city department that engages seniors, adults, families, youth, and children of all backgrounds, and provides a vital sense of community to each of our neighborhoods. The Tito Jackson People’s Budget for Boston provides an additional $1M for their funding, including $250,000 specifically to reopen the Grove Hall Community Center.

  • People Will Decide How To Allocate Some Of The People’s Budget: $4.2M
    Democracy, accountability, and transparency must be a constant theme in all parts of government, including budgeting. The Tito Jackson People’s Budget for Boston sets aside $4.2M in this FY19 Budget for the people of Boston to decide how to disburse through a direct participatory budgeting process.

Capital Budget Highlights:

  • Additional 75% Increase To Boston’s Slow Streets Program: Additional $3M
    Implementing Vision Zero is vital for the health and safety of Boston cyclists and pedestrians. The Tito Jackson People’s Budget For Boston doubles the amount the city allocates to the Safe Streets Program by providing an additional $3M, boosting the amount to $7.1M.

  • Implements the Police Body-Worn Camera Program: $3M
    Our communities and our police force must be given the tools to build trust between one another. The Police Body-Worn Camera Program must be implemented without the delays we have seen under the present mayoral administration.

  • Bus Rapid Transit Must Be Rapidly Deployed: $800,000
    The implementation of a fast, efficient, equitable, and accessible public transportation system is essential for a Boston that works for all our residents. Furthermore, we understand that bus rapid transit is far more easily implemented than light rail, and costs seven times less as well. Although the MBTA is a state entity, Boston owns its own roads, and therefore we can easily provide the foundations for bus rapid transit. Following the lead of many transportation advocates including the Boston Cyclists Union, The Tito Jackson People’s Budget will set aside $800,000 in the capital budget for transportation planning in FY19.

A Historic Budget From A Historic Candidate

The Tito Jackson People’s Budget For Boston is a historical first from a historical candidate. Never before has any Mayoral Candidate offered a Budget to accompany their Policy Platform.

This People’s Budget for Boston places the needs of ordinary residents firmly in the middle of the City’s endeavors. It embodies the guiding principle that informed the Tito Jackson For Mayor Campaign: it is a campaign focused on uplifting all our residents, and not just the powerful.

Summary 2019 Budget – $3.27 Billion In Revenue


Projected FY19 REVENUES (Dollars in Millions)

Net Property Tax $2,273


Excises $189


Fines $65


Interest On Investments $9


Payments in Lieu of Taxes $44


Urban Redev Chapter 121A $26


Department Revenue $66


Licenses & Permits $64


Penalties & Interest $16


Available Funds $20


State Aid $450


Budgetary Fund Balance $40


Surplus Property Fund $4


Total Revenues $3,268



Summary 2019 Budget – Expenditures


(Dollars in Millions)

City Appropriations


Boston Public Health Commission


Boston School Department


Reserve for Collective Bargaining City


Reserve for Collective Bargaining BPS


Other Post Employment Benefits




Debt Service


Charter School Tuition




Other State Assessments


Suffolk County Sheriff Dept




Participatory Budgeting By Residents


Total Expenditures



Revenue History (Dollars in Millions)







Property Tax






Property Tax Overlay


















Interest On Investments






Payments in Lieu of Taxes






Urban Redev Chapter 121A






Department Revenue






Licenses & Permits






Penalties & Interest






Available Funds






State Aid






Total Recurring Revenue






Budgetary Fund Balance






Surplus Property Fund




Total Revenues